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The world’s LANGUAGES

in the heart of Europe


The world's languages in the heart of Europe

In the heart of Europe we focus on achieving the clear, unambiguous and correct use of language in all the world’s languages, in all professional fields: we have been providing translations of legal, technical, medical, business and general texts for more than two decades now.

Paul Janssens: at your service

The translation agency grew spontaneously, as it were, from the many requests that Paul Janssens, a graduate in Germanic Philology and Political Sciences specialising in diplomacy, received as a certified court translator-interpreter at the Palace of Justice in Brussels. Paul Janssens’ natural gift for languages and extensive legal knowledge seemed to be the key to the agency’s success. Since then, he has been nurturing a new generation of translators: as the inspiration of the agency and as some-time university lecturer. It was no accident that the Paul Janssens Translation Agency was established in the vicinity of the Palace of Justice, and now definitively in Avenue Louise. The agency is the support and anchor for numerous legal bodies and organisations in Belgium.

From small acorns to great oak trees...

In the meantime, the team has been systematically extended with new, young internal staff members who keep the translation assignments on the right tracks: coordinating and checking translations, contacting clients and translators, deploying modern translation software and translating.

Professional translators with specialist knowledge... and professionals with a love of languages

We only work with translators who translate into their mother tongue. With a core of professional translators carefully selected from thousands of applicants, we cover virtually all domains and language combinations. Translators with excellent specialist knowledge and professionals with an outstanding talent for languages work on your texts with love and care.