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General translations

As you like it…

General translations

Life is too rich and society so varied that they can’t easily be pigeonholed. The Paul Janssens Translation Agency often makes extensive translations that don’t fall within the domains mentioned earlier

The tone determines the music

We translate commercial texts in which not just the content, but the tone too is important – if not the most important thing. You just have to think of innumerable brochures such as tourist brochures from the City of Brussels, menus for a huge variety of restaurants and kitchens, such as the Conrad Hotel, newspaper articles, interviews and press releases on widely differing topics, literary and scientific works…

Just the right translator

Whatever the text is about or whoever the target group is, from our richly-filled complement of freelance translators we always find just the right man or woman for whom that subject is his or her bread and butter. He or she will woo your audience with a linguistic virtuosity that results in an attractive text that you don’t notice is actually a translation – au contraire!

Cultural endowment

A successful advertising slogan or TV spot is not easy to translate into another language, let alone another culture. What we might find funny in our country is perhaps incomprehensible to people in our neighbouring countries. The translation of a text like that demands the requisite ‘fingerspitzengefühl’ for nuance and feeling.