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Medical translations

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Medical translations

Study reports - registration files - manuals for medical instruments - information leaflets - examination reports

From Aesculapius [symbol of staff entwined with snake] to hospital report

Medicine doesn’t stop at the border. On the contrary, the borders are receding all the time. European legislation and international standards make the decisions. As a pharmaceutical company or manufacturer of medical equipment you want to cover as wide an area as possible. Language barriers are as helpful as a toothache!

Better translate than cure?

Now whether it concerns original articles relating to neurology, gastro-enterology, internal medicine, virology or technical descriptions of medical instruments, we provide flawless translations that are polished and complete, so that you can concentrate on your own core tasks.

The (medical) means justify the end

Composing European files for registering new medicines is an enormous task. We can alleviate that task to some extent with our punctilious translations in the languages of the European Union – of all parts of the file, both technical/analytical and the pharmacological and clinical sections. Of course, within the agreed deadline, even when speed is part of the prescription.