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Business translations

Business matters…

Business translations

Insurance policies - audits - warranties - annual accounts - prospectuses - brochures - market surveys - trade documents - 
websites - press releases - radio and TV spots - presentations
Taken by the bank

Stock exchanges and banks have their own language and jargon, often incomprehensible to outsiders, but essential for initiates. Thus the Dutch word ‘liquiditeiten’ becomes ‘disponibilités’ in French françaises and ‘liquid assets’ in English – you just have to know!

Assets and liabilities

An annual duty for businesses and companies: drawing the balance-sheets and annual accounts. These are important financial documents, for which a perfect knowledge of the vocabulary is required. A passive knowledge from a dictionary is not enough: the translator must be able to play actively with the right terminology and jargon.

Time is money

The policy plans and other business documents of companies must be translated correctly – often in haste and in many languages. The parent company won’t wait, and the shareholders too want to receive their easily-legible reports on time.