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A word in your ear...

Meetings - conferences - seminars - company visits - marriages - witness interrogations - conversation recordings - 
simultaneous - whisper-interpreting or phoce-call interpreting

Celebration of the spoken word

Even the transient spoken word holds no secrets for us. You’ve come to the right people when it comes to bridging verbal language barriers. Our interpreters make each occasion a ‘celebration of the spoken word’. They prepare themselves in good time for the subject of the assignment. They familiarise themselves beforehand with the jargon, using your documentation and ours. If necessary, we provide a relief interpreter, so that the quality doesn’t suffer because of flagging concentration.

Good all-rounders

Our highly-educated and very experienced interpreters have a wide range of outstanding qualities: they have an excellent command of their languages, a broad general education and specialist knowledge. We demand all these qualities of our staff so that we can serve you at the highest level.

Advice and assistance

You’ve come to the right people too for official interpreting assignments for the Registry Office (marriages, for instance) and judicial proceedings (such as witness interrogations). We offer you a choice of sworn/certified interpreters in nearly all languages. They will stand by you ‘with language and word’ at those times which are so important for you.

From interpreting booths to transcriptions

You don’t have to worry about the equipment for your conference. We organise all the technical arrangements for your conference, with interpreting booths, microphones, loudspeakers, headphones… everything that you need. And afterwards, we are happy to write out the recorded interviews or lectures, ‘translating’ the spoken words into a fluent written text.