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Technical translations


Technical translations

Building industry - IT - automobile and aircraft industry - petrochemical industry - telecommunications - 
environment and waste-processing industry - energy sector - mobility

The standard is high

When translating specifications for a hospital, technical accuracy is an absolute must. In a user-manual for a domestic appliance, the language must be comprehensible to the average reader. At both extremes, the translator must have the requisite ability to attune his translation to the target group: from the man in the street to engineers and scientists.

Shoemaker, stick to your last

Translators who can translate ‘anything in any language’ don’t exist. Just as for the professional domains themselves, the translation for this domain requires the necessary specialisation. Our translators are specialists: people from the profession with a university or other higher diploma and a passion for language – or professional translators who used to specialise in a particular professional domain.

Hand in hand with the government

At the crossroads between legal and technical translations lie the government assignments, with the well-known provisions of the Royal Decree of 8 January 1996 and its implementation rules in the RD of 26 September 1996 and extensive, ever-changing technical passages: about the provision of materials or services, construction or renovation work, with the corresponding summary measurement statements. The Paul Janssens Agency is making a valuable contribution here thanks to its origins and experience, which major firms of engineers and architects, as well as public administrations, have been relying on for years now.