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Legal translations

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Legal translations


Legal terminology - correct and unambiguous meaning - respect for deadlines - absolute discretion - security clearance

We know it all too well: you have an adversary on the prowl for errors or a judge who won’t be swayed by fine words. Your texts must be correct and unambiguous, even when they are translated. If this is your situation, then you’ve come to the right people. Not only lawyers and notaries, but also innumerable judicial bodies know where to find us. Our client portfolio speaks for itself: the Federal Attorney-General’s office, the Attorney-General’s office in Brussels and other parts of the country (Charleroi, Mons, Dendermonde, Hasselt, Ghent and Nivelles, to mention but a few), the Office of the Prime Minister, the courts of Brussels, public prosecutors, investigating magistrates, Committee I and Committee P, various ministries, municipal and city administrations, the Federal Policy, the FAST., the law faculties of Ghent, Antwerp and Namur.

The entire range of legal texts:  :Articles of Association, submissions to court, court sentences and their service abroad, contracts, rogatory commissions, investigation files, experts’ reports, laws and resolutions, statutory instruments, extracts from the legislation, legal doctrine, etc.

Close at hand and worldwide

Our professional translators produce your translation in the most widely-spoken European languages such as Dutch, French, German, English and Spanish, as well as in Russian or other Slavic languages, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic and, if necessary, even in exotic languages such as Uzbek, Icelandic, Pashtu, Urdu, and so on.

Certified and authenticated translations

In this globalised world, the demand for certified translations is increasing. We have an almost complete and up-to-date list of certified translators for all language combinations. In the field of authenticating certified translations and their originals too, we are a specialist agency, even being consulted by advocates and notaries.

First aid with official documents

You can rely on us for accurate and fast translations of official documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, adoption cases, notarial deeds, diplomas, certificates of good character, driving licences or divorce cases. Our extensive library of legal-administrative documents from more than fifty countries is a further guarantee of correct translation.

In a rush... speed is of the essence

Advocates and notaries, businessmen and brokers are often in a race against time. The opponent is demanding a change of official language to be used in the case or new evidence suddenly comes up, whereby speed is of the essence. No better ‘travelling companion’ in such situations than a translation agency that is permanently on standby – and continues to provide the same quality and accuracy, even when things are urgent.