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Paul Janssens – CV

Born on 21 August 1943 in Schilde (Province of Antwerp)

  • Licentiate in Germanic philology (German-English-Dutch) Catholic University of Leuven.
  • Licentiate in politics and social sciences: international relations; C.U. Leuven
  • Diploma in higher secondary education (teacher’s diploma) , C.U. Leuven



1967-1968 : University of Madrid, Spanish language and culture (official State scholarship)

1974 – Scholarship for a Seminar on World Affairs for 6 weeks at the Salisbury Institute of International Affairs, Connecticut USA, sponsored by the University of Wisconsin, USA



Both Licentiate treatises were published:

  • Germanic Philology: “Volkskunde in tijdschriften van de geestelijkheid ” [‘Folklore in the journals of the clergy’] (published in full)
  • Politics and Social Sciences: The theoretical introduction was published in Neerlandia,Amsterdam 1975, under the title “Cultuur en Integratie” [‘Culture and Integration’] and deals with the aspect of culture in international relations.



until 1988, career in higher secondary and university education, the most important appointments being:

  • Propaedeutic center of Lovanium University in Bukavu (Congo):
    Professor of English
  • 1970 – Belgian Air Force: Professor of Aviation English (for the F14 Star Flights)
  • Bedford College, University of London (from 1973 to 1976):
    Lecturer (visiting lecturer)
    Course: comparative grammar – Dutch historical grammar
  • Faculties of Notre Dame de la Paix in Namur:
    Dutch in candidacy rights
  • VUB (Free University of Brussels), 2009:
    Postgraduate legal and administrative translating in a Belgian context (see certificate appended). His assignment was to give theoretical courses and tutorials on the encyclopaedia of law, administrative law, corporate law, mercantile law and civil law.

Since 1988: Certified Translator for French – Dutch – German – English – Spanish at the Court of First Instance in Brussels

First as a natural person and then as manager/managing director of the Translation Agency Paul Janssens Ltd/Plc. respectively since 2002. Specialist in legal translations.