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The following general delivery and payment conditions apply to all of our invoices, and are indicated on the reverse thereof.


Unless agreed otherwise with the client, the present terms and conditions of sale apply between the parties, regardless of any general purchasing conditions that might conflict therewith.

Transfer of ownership and copyright

Both the ownership of the translation and the intellectual rights attached thereto shall only be transferred after the invoice has been paid in full and not on delivery of the translation, even if that is prior to payment. In the event of abuse in this regard (if, for example, a client disputes the fee – even if only part thereof – and still uses the translation), Paul Janssens Plc. has the right to demand a fixed indemnity of 1 700 Euros, without prejudice to the right to instigate proceedings for infringement of copyright.


Our invoices are payable in cash.

If the invoice is not paid within eight days of the invoice date, interest shall automatically be charged at 12% per annum without notice of default and without prejudice to any other claim for compensation.

In case of non-payment, the amount on the invoice shall be increased by an indemnity of 15% of the outstanding amount, with a minimum of 250 Euros, without prejudice to any other claim for compensation.


Complaints about the translation must be sent to us within five days of delivery by registered letter, with a copy by fax or e-mail.

Complaints received after that date or which are sent without giving reasons will be considered null and void.

Investigation costs arising from unfounded complaints shall be paid by the client.

The agency is not responsible if the translation did not adopt the typical jargon or the in-house terminology of a company or client if the client did not inform us in advance of such jargon or in-house terminology.


Disputes regarding invoices shall only be taken into consideration if we are informed thereof within eight days of the invoice date by registered letter.

Complaints cannot automatically give rise to a dispute over the invoice. Indeed, according to the legal adage “Execution in kind of an agreement takes precedence over execution by equivalent(*)” – in other words, in the event of a faulty supply, whatever the reason, the supplier must first be given the opportunity to correct his error before there can be any question of a reduced or entirely disputed invoice.

(*) See :

Judgements of the Court of Cassation handed down on 5.01.1968 and 30.01.1965.

Judgement by the Court of Appeal in Liège, 15.06.1995.


If, despite everything, liability attaches to Paul Janssens Plc., that liability shall be limited to the amount of the invoice.


Any disputes in this regard shall only be settled by the courts of Brussels. Belgian law applies to the present agreement.


A reference to the following procedure also appears for information purposes on the rear of our invoices.

We will send your our specifications by e-mail within two hours of your request. For complicated and time-consuming specifications for complex assignments, an hourly rate of €65 and additional expenses may be charged which will be deducted from the amount on the invoice if the order is confirmed.

Unless agreed otherwise with the client or if a specification based on the number of words in the source text is requested, our specifications are approximate: the length of the translation and thus the price are estimated on the length of the source text with a margin of 10-20% more or less, depending on the language combination. A Word version of the source text would enable us to give a quicker estimation of price.

Advance payments

As a rule, we do not ask for a full or partial payment in advance before commencing the translation.


We reserve the right to make surcharges for urgent work, for complex layouts, for any time-consuming additional work and for having to recopy a large number of figures or technical codes from non-editable documents, as well as for illegible or difficult texts requiring a great deal of research.

Sworn translations (+ 30%)

For urgent translations, surcharges will be applied, ranging from 100% for translation on the same day or within 24 hours, up to 20% from 300 lines of 55 keystrokes per day.



No compensation will be due for translations cancelled while they are being executed, except for the amount due for the part already translated before the cancellation.

Interpreting assignments:

The following applies, mainly as regards interpreting assignments with conference interpreters, unless agreed otherwise with the client :


  • up to 3 weeks before execution : no charge
  • Between 3 weeks and 1 week before execution : 10 % of the fee
  • up to 1 week before : compensation of 30 % of the fee
  • up to 2 days before : compensation of 75 % of the fee
  • the day itself : 100 %